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About the Leggroom

Built back 2010, the Leggroom is Luvleggs home away from home, it houses all his toys he's been collecting over the years and was built for a place to facilitate his need to write and record. With the help of many amazing people (Special thanks to:Wayne Carter, Vern White, Eric Humiston, Gradie Wallen and Rob Matthiessen) it was completed in Feb of 2010 and was put to use immediately recording the first Godspit and The Triple Sixes CD's.

In 2011 I added a Allen Heath Zed-R16 desk and used it for the 3rd Zero Down full length "Looking To Start A Riot" and then later that year for the Shivering Denizens "Baker-Whiteley" CD in late 2011 early 2012 and we did a one song session with the amazing accordion/uke phenom Ando.

2012 ended with recording the new Black Leather Monster CD "Eye Of The Storm"

We have also started doing videos as of 2013.


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